I found this interview wandering around in my office. It was wondering why I hadn’t published it despite it's comfortable life living in one of my desk drawers for uh... oh a few years or so. So here it is.

And by the way, White Skull has released albums since this interview was conducted and according to their website they have a male singer in place of Federica De Boni.

It should also be noted that the Interviewer's primary language is Spanish and the Interviewee's primary language Italian. Yet they were nice enough to do the interview in English. \m/ I made minimal corrections.

White Skull Interview by Valgorth
Interviewee: Tony “Mad” Fonto

Could you introduce the members of the band and the instruments you play?
The line-up of the band is Federica “Sister” De Boni vocals, Tony “Mad” Fonto rhythm guitar, “BB” Nick Savio lead guitar, Alex Mantiero drums, Fabio Pozzato bass.

How was founded the band?
In 1990, but you can read and take the story on the web at our home page. http://www.whiteskull.it

Now, let’s go right to your last edition: Public Glory, Secret Agony. The concept is travelling between the old Roman and Egypt history, and two special characters: Caesar and Cleopathra. Even the album sounds with Egyptian tunes, as the music as the vocals. What can you say about the recording of Public Glory, Secret Agony? Is there a meaning behind the name of the album?
We wrote the song and we decided to write some part that remember the old Roman and Egyptian sounds. Recording this album was different than Tales..., because we have used other technique and other instruments. Regarding the name of the album, it means fight of Caesar.

White Skull has a strong and hard sound and it shows a big technique in the same time. I think you must take a lot of hours into the studio. Am I right?
Not too much. We started to record the album of 27 of March and finished at 1st of May, and we worked around 8 hours a day.

I sure, and I think I am not speaking by myself, everybody was surprised to hear Federica’s voice. This is because the most popular female singers in metal, they’ve a very sweet voice but Federica is the opposite. She is thunder, pure heavy metal energy in action. Did she take vocal lessons or is she self-taught?
In the past when she was a beginner she took some lessons, but now, no.

As for the voices, into the song “Here We Are,” we can hear to Chris Boltendahl [Grave Digger]. Whose idea was this to include Chris on the song?
From me and Federica. Was very good experience.

Who are your influences?
I listen to many bands, but my favorite band is Iron Maiden. Others are Anthrax, Saxon, ACDC, Scorpions, Grave Digger, Rage, Running Wild, Judas Priest and more...

For those who are unfamiliar with White Skull, could you briefly go over the releases you have available?
Yes. 1st album I Won’t Burn Alone (1995), 2nd album Embittered (1997), MCD Asgard (1999), 3rd album Tales from the North (1999) and the last one.

Is there anything you would like to change on the albums or are you completely satisfied with them?
I’m satisfied from the last one, but in the previous there is some things to change, especially in the 1st.

What are plans for the future?
To play live shows everywhere. I’m starting now to write the new songs for the next album; I don’t know it will be on the market...

Is there anything you really want metalheads to know about White Skull?
Yes. We play power metal since 1990 and we play with heart!! We are really fuckin’ metal defenders. Hail to you everybody and we hope to meet you all on the road!

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