On Sunday November 12th, 2006, a benefit took place for Wes House, Drummer and Musician Extraordinaire who suffers from Multiple Scelrosis.
Wes and Chris House.
A pic that should be on the cover of Time Magazine.

This webpage is a salute to Wes House, a highly respected local musician who is heroically facing the curse of progressive multiple sclerosis. I (Nate Dressel) wanted to present more than just a few pics with who's who captions so I decided to write of my own first encounter with Wes, and then some, and then some more after that. And then... uh, well you'll see soon enough.

Way back in the late 80's I got a job at Hardee's on the beltline (R.I.P.) here in Rochester. I believe it was my third day there when I first met and worked with Wes. I was still bruised and sore from the freezer initiation I received earlier in the week. (Back then whenever a new guy started working the backline at Hardee's South he was initiated, which means that all the other backline guys beat the crap out of him in the freezer with the lights off. I was knocked out cold with a case of frozen ham and cheese smashed over my head by fellow workmates most of whom were or became my best friends.) The initiation inducted one into the regular freezer matches that went on constantly back then. So when I walked backline to get further trained in by Wes and saw him winding up a fastball pitch with a burger that went in one side of the production control cabinet and out the other sending stacks of burgers flying all over the place, my first impression was that he was a very angry person who was going to kill me in the freezer. Well, Wes may have flicked pickles and tomato slices in my face and started a food fight (or a few) but the dreaded freezer match asskicking never occured.

Fast forward a few years and Wes and his band Reality, along with Total Strangers play my brothers wedding reception for nothing but free beer, in the rain nontheless and Wes with his expensive electronic Roland drum kit!! I was really drunk at the event so some of my memories are foggy, but I distinctly remember Wes getting cajoled into playing what he called his "country song," which is on his Cranial Fire CD entitled "A Trip to the Farm." Wes, knowing I was ultimately responsible for the 'request,' gave me the finger. You can see the picture here.

Fast forward again and I'm on stage at the Northstar Bar with Wes on open jam night playing Iced Earth's "Watching Over Me" and Hammerfall's "Crimson Thunder." Wes was the only drummer that would learn these songs, favorites of mine, and I thank him immensely. If it weren't for Wes, those songs would've almost certainly never been played at Open Jam. We were planning to cover Stratovarius "Hunting High and Low" but it was around that time when Wes was learning of what he is afflicted with and we weren't able to do it.

And so it is with great thanks that this page is posted. A mere shadow of the appreciation shown at the benefit that took place at the Northstar Bar. Special thanks to Steve Rolbeiki and Mike Liebenow for donating pics. This page wouldn't be here if not for them. Each pic features an sr or ml at the end of the file name so you can know who took/donated it.

As you can see, all the local wildlife showed up to show their generous support.
Next to Nothing kickstart our hearts with a motley selection of cover songs.
In tribute to Wes's prowess as a musician and songwriter, four of us played three of Wes songs for him. “Deanne,” Hoka Hey,” and “Inside.” Hoka Hey was one of the most featured Cranial Fire songs aired on the now defunct Metal Storm (KRPR) along with “Born to War,” a song Wes played drums on in his band Reality.

On your right are Steve Miller (drummer of Unatural), Tim Peters (vocalist for Bakkus), Scott Bell (Schizopathic guitarist) and way out in left field playing bass is Ace Warloch wondering why he isn’t in the picture to the right.

The guy who made this page.
Steve on drums, Tim on vox and Scott on guitar.
Up and Down: Schizoholics watch Schizopathic get Schizoholic. Upper middle: Scott Bell.

Endorsing the new all purpose Schizoholic Toothpaste, which can also be used for shaving, shampooing the dog, sealing the bathtub, lubricating a rusty chain and even patching your leaky roof are... Oh, wait... It seems I have mistranslated the press release but I'm pretty sure I've seen those Schizopathic smiles before. They must be fans. The shirts remain a vital clue to this amazing deduction of mine.

Stirring it up with a wide energetic mix of covers after Schizopathic was non other than Stir. Above (l to r): Troy, Dustin and Roy.
The man behind the benefit: Steve Rolbiecki, Stir guitarist and all around nice guy. He was featured in the Post-Bulletin article about Wes. Read it here. There is also a link to the article at the bottom of this page.
Cody shreds away. His stage presence at such a young age was surprising. Many in attendance commented on how good he was and not all of them were drunk.
Stir guitarist Cody and bassist Roy. Guess How old Cody is? Can you believe only 14?
Jen, Bill and Schizopathic bassist Mike discussing the socioeconomic stress-fractures that are causing stock prices to rollercoaster in Ecuador. Ok, I don't really know what they are talking about. They strangely go silent whenever I get near.
From l to r: Bob, Steve and Jamie: They must operate immediately to make you as Unatural as they are. Usually the operation involves Rob Zombie and Pantera. Sadly I have no pics of them closing the benefit and bringing up others to jam. Did anybody take any? Pictures I mean.
Face to Face with the Fun of Expressionomancy
Expressionomancy is a new form of divination invented by Ace Warloch. Basically you observe the unspoken representative ramifications of relative experience painted on people’s faces and then divine (or guess) what the individual in question may be thinking. This is the first time it has ever been tried and features faces frozen by photography throughout the benefit. Wes, this laugh is for you. \m/
Festival of Interpretation
Reality as It Really Is
Hope? Where?

First Divinatory Impression: I know all the secrets of the universe. And I’m not going to tell you even half of one.
Second Divinatory Impression: I learned all the arcane secrets of the universe from sacrificing super smart people on the altar of Slayer and then eating their brains. I was totally inspired by the phrase "You are what you eat."

The superiority of any state or substance is determined by things that are true but cannot be proven; like the techno-mystical restart sequence of my demonically possessed toaster. And now you know why burnt toast is the horror of my life.
If I was a bit taller and my ears were a bit pointier I could be an elf. Then maybe Galadriel would go out with me. I don’t care if she’s over seven thousand years old. She’s still hot!
O’biwan Troyobi star of
Beer Wars: A New Brew
Rehab Wars: The Beer Strikes Back
Sober Wars: Return of the Drunks
Chug Wars: The Puking Menace
Pub Wars: Attack of the Nearbeer
Drunk Wars: Revenge of the Hangover
Threshold of a New World View
Facing the Music
If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
One more picture and then they fingerprint me. I didn’t mean to steal that NASA space shuttle and crash it into the MTV satellite on my way to band practice. It was so totally an accident.

I sense a disturbance in the force. As if thousands of voices cried out for more beer. ...and, fresh pretzels.

Wes' cd is still available for $5 from Dennis Thompson vocalist for Next to Nothing. All proceeds go to Wes of course.
A story on Wes' dire situation was published in the Friday, November 10th, 2006 edition of the Post-Bulletin. Click picture to right to go to article.

Post-Bulletin Article Published November 10th, 2006.

Post-Bulletin Article Published on July 24th, 2007

Thanks to everyone who showed up and took part in the silent auction! The benefit was a huge success. I'm told about $6000 was raised and that the device Wes needed has been purchased. \m/