Schizopathic Win First Round of the Gorilla Battle of the Bands

 Sunday, April 20th, 2008 at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN


Where the first round of the Gorilla Battle of the Bands took place and where all the photos in this interview were taken.


Jourdan Schaffart


Cole Cameron

Garth Lee

Jourdan and Mike

Scott Bell


Cole makes himself visible again.

A multiple of firsts. This is the first time a photo-review of a particular show has been combined with an interview on the Legendary Kingdoms website. It is also the first time Schizopathic has won a Battle of the Bands and what makes this cool is it is the first time they have even entered a battle of the bands. It is also the first interview to be posted since the realm acquired a new cyber machine. And that is why this interview has taken so long to see the darkness of cyberspace- things were not working layout wise.

Legendary Kindoms: So how does it feel to win the Gorilla Battle of the Bands?
Jourdan: Rewarding, but it was only the first of two rounds.
Mike: Awesome,our fans rule.
Garth: It felt damn good to win!!!

LK: How stupid is this first question on a scale of 1 to 10?
Jourdan: 6..66
Mike: Not stupid at all.
Garth: (In yoda voice) Stupid questions there are none.

LK: I was a bit disappointed to find out that there were no actual gorillas there. How ‘bout you guys?
Jourdan: That would've been sweet!
Mike: Didnt care.
Garth: Dude thats what I was told too..frickin emails

LK: Regarding the party bus on the way to the Gorilla Battle of the Bands: Did you guys have to pay for the broken bus seat?
Jourdan: There were seats?
Mike: Didnt know about it.
Garth: I thought there were bean bags!

LK: Who was the most hungover afterwards (or am I alone here)?
Jourdan: Scott was the drunkest, so most hungover?
Mike: Dont know.
Garth: I will go with Scott on this one since he is normally the one. :)

LK: Will you ever do another Battle of the Bands?
Jourdan: Hope not.
Mike: Hell yes, it was a blast.
Garth: Only if we compete for pudding snacks.

LK: Will you do another party bus?
Jourdan: Yep.
Mike: Hell yes, we love our fans and want to get them to our shows.
Garth: The bus thing went over kickass so yeah! It was cool seeing a bunch of friendly faces get off and come rock with us!!!

LK:Tell us about the A&R Select people you’ve signed with.
Jourdan: Tell you? I need someone to tell me!
Mike: It is a work in progress.
Garth: So far the worst investment we have made as a band.

LK: About the album cover for Grain of Sanity, who came up with it and is there a horror story behind it?
Jourdan: A lovely young lady and five horrifying minds.
Garth: That would be Coles daughter.She has a fantastic imagination and equally great drawing skills. No horror story but it is kinda strange looking now that you mention it - What the hell are those eyes looking at?

LK: Who would you like to tour with?
Jourdan: contest.
Mike: Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Motley Crew, Priest, Kiss.
Garth: Disturbed or Sevendust.

LK: Favorite song to perform live?
Jourdan: O'Holy
Mike: Schizoholic.
Garth: O'Holy or one of the new ones "Nothing Now Nothing Then."

LK: When can fans expect a new release?
Jourdan: Late summer or early fall.
Mike: Soon.
Garth: Soon maybe the end of 2008 or early 2009.

LK: Would you ever do an acoustic album?
Jourdan: I would. We won't.
Mike: No, the world is depressed enough.
Garth: Dude I can barely play my electric!!!

LK: What has Schizopathic done to make the world a better place to live?
Jourdan: Make people smile.
Mike: Had fun.
Garth: The release of our cd

LK: What has Schizopathic done to make the world a worse place to live?
Jourdan: Make people cry.
Mike: Worked 40 hours a week.
Garth: The release of our cd.

LK: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Jourdan: The free one.
Mike: Bud Light, Jack [Daniels].
Garth: It varies but I always find myself tippin back the beer.

LK: Is there anything you absolutely DO NOT want people to know?
Jourdan: Yep.
Mike: Yes, but i cant tell you ha ha ha .
Garth: yes......:)


Scott Bell

Mike Liebenow

Garth and Mike


Scott again.


Despite the signs and the name of the Battle of the Bands, there were in fact no real gorillas present. Some of us were very disappointed.


Proof Cole has the ability to turn invisible.


I don't know whose kid this was but he was running around like his parents fed him speed for breakfast. Definitely a schizoholic once he gets older.


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