ROCK SOLID, a Toys for Tots concert charity event featuring Bakkus, Unatural and all-original headliners Schizopathic, took place on Saturday September 16th, 2006 outside Mickeys in Rochester MN. Not as well advertised at it should have been (Even I didn't find out it was a Toys for Tots charity until I got there). Nevertheless, it was still a good time for all and the weather was perfect. The lack of photos is due to lack of film. I have no reasonable excuse. - AW
Bakkus were the first band to call on the decibel god of distortion. From left to right: Darrel, Chad, Tim, Matt (drums) and Ruben.
Bakkus once again. Their set list just seems to get heavier and heavier. Soon they will need a forklift just to pick it up.
Unatural from lefty left to stage left: Jamie, Bob, Steve (drums) and Scott.
Unatural naturally de-naturalizing the stage. (Ask your personal philosopher what this could possibly mean. It may be important.)
And finally, headliners SCHIZOPATHIC
Garth Vader - He is your father! I realize that you probably don't thing I'm very funny but I can't stop laughing. And that's because I'm quite sure it's true. Hahahaha...
Schizopathic from left-left to right-left: Garth, Mike, Jourdan, Scott and the drummer, on his drum kit, drumming, is Cole.

   The government is wrong! Schizoholicism does not lack an ethical philosophic code. I'm mean just listen to the lyrics of Schizoholic.
   And, don't worry about Mike. Seriously. He's always ok no matter how bad of a hangover he ends up suffering.

Beware: Schizoholic bassist on the loose!
Above above: Schizopathic thunder away. Immediately above: One of the organizers delivers a meaningful linguistic performance and so does the Marine on the right. And I can't remember a single word of any of it. Had something to do with the Toys for Tots program.

From the simplicity of this page some of you are surely wondering what the hell took so long for it to get posted. The reason is that um... wellll.... uh..... you seee..... there was a..... geee... you knoww.... one of those... and it happend.... uh...annnd...
Oh. Look. I've just about used up my entire allotment of words for this page.

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