Overkill Captured 'Taking Over' Star Central

Captured in the lens of my overenthusiastic camera that is. And by the way, 'taking over' is quite the understatement. Overkill stormed the stage in a blinding strobe-icidal blitzkrieg, instigating instantaneous neck-wrecking, not to mention practically blinding everyone in attendance from seeing the rest of the show. What a birthday present. I've decided to age in reverse. : )

D.D. Verni (bass)
D.D. Verni, Dave Linsk and metalHEADS.
I didnít run around in the pit but the pit sure ran around right into me and I've got the very large bruise to prove it. Speaking of the pit, as I watched my fellow aging metalheads in their 30ís and 40ís slam around I began to worry that eventually I would hear the infamous cry, ďHelp! Iím falling and I canít get up.Ē Thankfully no one embarrassed the older generation of fans. Well, I suppose the guy who cracked his head on the cement right in front of me was too hurt to say anything.
Bobby Blitz and D.D. Verni.
Guitarist Derek Tailer

If you donít like my nice Overkill photoreview


I donít care.

Bobby Blitz Ellsworth
Bats in the Belfry?
I am not posting a set-list, cause...well... my memory was just too busy crashing into the sides of my skull to remember all the songs. To sum it up, they played a mix of new and old material including my favorite song off the new album RelixIV, ďOld School.Ē This neck-wrecking anthem is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite Overkill songs.If you havenít heard it yet, check it out. It is worth the price of the CD alone.

New Album - RelixIV

Here's to the Old School! \m/