A soul stealer was not in my possession on Monday January 15th, 2007 when Metal Church shook the foundations of Station 4 supporting their latest album A Light in the Dark. So the iconic images you see throughout this page hail from an age known as 'last year' when Metal Church rocked Station 4 on the Weight of the World tour.
Please excuse the temporal discontinuity and try not to be any more confused than you already are.
The only change in line-up is Savatage drummer Jeff Plate taking over from Kirk Arrington who, rumor has it, spontaneously combusted in the time held tradition of mysteriously disappearing drummers.
New album A Light in the Dark.

Our small entourage missed the first two bands that brought riffs to the night. However, we caught Seventh Calling kicking some major power metal ass and Meliah Rage proved they can still rip it up even without a singer, who apparently had to fly back to Boston for a family emergency.
Metal Church performed as awesomely this year as they did last year. And that was very awesome indeed. I could go on and elaborate on how the marauding monks of metal ripped open a crypt of whoopass and delivered one hell of a sonic beat down, but then there are some things you just have to experience.

The frisbee Metal Church signed for Wes House, a friend who is stricken with Multiple Scelrosis. Jeff Plate also signed a drum stick for Wes.
Ronnie Munroe. Damn good singer.
Can you believe guitarist Jay Reynolds was wearing a Motorhead shirt this year as well? No, it wasn't the same one but if it was could I have gotten away with passing these photos off as this years? I wouldn't do something like that would I?
Kurt performs an emergency fretboard baptism and saves the souls of six decadent strings.
The founder of the madness - Kurt Vanderhooof,
Bassist Steve Unger. Thunder Incarnate.
Me, Myself, I and Kurdt Vanderhoof
First MC album with Ronnie on vocals.
A Blur In Time is a tremendously fantastic album in the vein of Uriah Heep and '70s era hard rock bands, so track it down and get it (meaning purchase it, not download it). Trust me, you won't have any regrets here. My favorite way to listen to the album is to laydown on the sofa, in The Dark, and meditate on the smooth sonic textures. You'll be amazed at how soothed you'll feel afterwards!!!!
My buddy Metal Ron salutes the the rifftastic riffs of metal gods in all their heavy metal glory. Ron was here again this year doing the same thing. Maybe I should have tried to pass these photos off as this years?