Declarations by: CHRISTIAN NYQUIST, drums of LOST HORIZON
Band location: Sweden
Website: www.oncelosthorizon.com
Interview by: Valgorth | Date of publication: Oct 4, 2001

Hi, Christian. First of all, congratulations for Your debut album! It is supeveb.

Thank you Valgorth! It's good to get confirmed once again that our astronomically hard work hasn't been in vain!

How do You feel about Your last show in the Wacken Open Air Festival? Also there was 2 new members of Lost Horizon on the stage, are they permanent members now?

The show was great!! Between us and the audience, that is! The stage really sucked and so did the sound but these earthly limitations are easy to look pass when the air is filled with true metal spirit! The new members are Attila Publik (keyboards) and Fredrik Olsson (guitar). They're not permanent members in terms of having signed any contact yet but will probably become so before our second album is recorded.

After the release of the album, You have been playing in some great shows in Europe. You got a very cool web site and merchandise material. And a lot of good and bad comments from the people. Is it the reaction You were looking for when You were recording Awakening The World or You didn't expect this big response from the audience?

Actually this was exactly what we expected but didn't know if the world was ready to receive us due to the regression of Metal that has been infecting the world during the last decade.

For those who are unfamiliar with Your debut album, could You tell them the principal concepts of this release and what is all about?

To revive the Metal Spirit of the world and the people. To evolve Metal as an Art and make it as respectable and honourable as it once was years ago! To give the Pure Ones a true Metal- experience, not only for the ears but also for their mind and spirit!

I am curious about the excellent design of the album. As the booklet as the music are a splendid work. Even You did the production by Yourselves?! So, can You go over the creation and recording of Awakening The World?

He, he! This question has come up a couple of times. It seems that people think that this was just a lucky shot for us but they don't know the potential of Wojtek as a song writer or the whole band as musicians, philosophers, ideologists. Bare in mind that the embryos of the songs on A.T.W were written by Wojtek almost ten years ago and a lot of water has been running under the bridges since then. You'll just have to wait and see what the Lost Horizon will bring you the next time. I already know that a lot of people will become very quiet when that time comes! Trust Me!!!

How did You arrive in Music For Nations? Why not a Nuclear Blast or a Century Media record label?

Music For nation is a relatively small label that goes after quality, not quantity. Why would we be stupid and sign for a label that already has 100 bands in the same genre!? Nuclear Blast didn't even get a demo! Century Media showed interest but not sincerely enough so the choice was obvious. Music for Nations is a respected label with a few bands with different musical approaches. No internal competition. From the very beginning they've had a very sincere belief in us and, unlike others, understood our sincerity and potential.

What is most important for Lost Horizon: the perfect album or the perfect concert?

The perfect concert of course! (for me, a perfect album /Wojtek) All kinds of music should be experienced live. To record the music has totally different purposes such as documentation for the artists and give the audience a sample of what to expect from the live performances, where the real magic is revived!

I have noticed that some songs are from Your previous band, Highlander. Also a lot of musicians were members of Highlander even some guys from Hammerfall. Could You briefly go over the history behind Lost Horizon?

BORING! To make it brief: Lost Horizon IS Highlander and yes, there was some Hammerfall members in Highlander in different eras. Highlander was active during 91-94 off and on and then put on ice until - 98 when the current lineup got together.

What about the story of Luciferion and Wojtek? What are the releases of Luciferion?

Wojtek's words:

"The band was created in summer 1993 by Michael Nicklasson, Peter Weiner and Wojtek Lisicki. During the cold Nordic winter of 93 the five songs has been recorded. Three of them was put on a tape called *Demon 94*, which was sent to Listenable Records in France. It was the only demo-ex that has ever been sent to a record company. It ended in a immediate record deal with Listenable Records in 94. This is what followed:"


I. One full length album titled Demonication (The Manifest) - on Listenable Records / France

And the following compilations:

II. Tribute To Metallica - the song *Fight Fire With Fire* - on Black Sun Records / Sweden

III. World Domination - the song *Blasphemer* - Osmose Productions / France

IV. Tribute To Slayer - the song *Chemical Warfare* - on Black Sun Records / Sweden

V. Tribute To KAT - the song *Czarne Zastepy* (KAT is the Polish ultimate cult-band) on Pagan Records / Poland

VI. Tribute To Mercyful Fate - the song *Black Funeral* - on Listenable Records / France

VII. Tribute To Sodom - the song *Blasphemer* - on Drakkar Records / Germany

VIII. Tribute To Celtic Frost - the song *Circle Of The Tyrants* - Listenable Records / France (that tribute never became a reality and the song was never released. It will be included on the next full-length album)

"Luciferion was put on ice in the end of 96. Now, after five years the new magical release is on it's way (!), although with Luciferion not being an active band. This one also for Listenable Records. The album is going to include seven new compositions: an intro, four new full-length songs and two preludes. The material has been created partially in 1996 and partially in 2000/2001. The old-school LUCIFERION and the new developed thought meet each other in a perfect combination. Moreover, those five old demo-songs from *Demon 94* (re-mastered) shall constitute the second part of this release. We've decided to have it this way, as this is the only reasonable way to document the songs which would not fit together with the material meant for the forthcoming full length album that will follow afterwards and for which songs are already finished and waiting to be recorded. So, we see it as a perfect bridge between the old time and the new mature thought. This album will also include that unreleased cover of Celtic Frost - *Circle Of The Tyrants* - in a totally dooms-day version. Prepare!"

-End of Wojtek's words.

I was reading some ridiculous reviews about Your war-vestments and name titles. Why do You think the people have a bad reaction about it? And, would You think the magic and the spirit of Metal have been lost in the last years? Do You think bands such as Limb Viskit or Korn and some bands into the Real Metal scene contribute to this particular situation? I think Metal is for a chosen few and this kind of alterna-crap can called them *New Metal* but they have a very different spirit, and it isn't Metal at all. What do You think?

I totally agree with you my Metal Friend! You know the true definition of Metal! To call those semi-hybrids bands metal is a disgrace and it just shows what I already know. That the true Metal Spirit was lost long time ago. Again this is proved when assholes are making fun of our appearance. They just don't know what it's about! They seem to want *jeans and black t-shirt guys* taken out of the audience coming up on stage to perform. Nothing for your eyes, nothing for your mind! As you said; ...metal is for a chosen few. But let's keep this secret to ourselves, we who knows what it's about. Otherwise the unworthy might come and disgrace our dear Art of Metal once again!

I have read on a interview that You said "Lost Horizon is not just a band; it is an enterprise of art on multiple levels, beyond the music". What You mean?

I understand it must be hard to see what I mean at this point in our carreer. All people knows about us now is what the album, the music, the lyrics, the message (for those enlightened enough to recieve it), our make-up and our liveperformances tells, but believe me... there is so much more within us, ready to be shared. The problem is to get the right tools to get it out to the people. Musicians is not all that we are, primarily. This is just the appropriate form of communication we choose to use at this time and of course will continue using. But as we progress our way we will use other medias as well to get our thoughts and artistery distributed!

The drums are going very fast on Awakening the World. Do You have any special technic to play the drums? I am asking You this because I have no knowledge about drumkits but I guess a simple Metal drummer could be very exhaust to play the Lost Horizon songs, I mean they are not too simple compositions they have many levels of rhythms and velocity. Do You get my point?

I do get your point Valgorth. The trick is to use the right technique. To let your fingers and joints of your hands and feet do the heavy work. Generally people are impressed by the stuff that's really easy to play.. It's actually harder to play drums slower than faster. The speed doesn't allow that much room for mistakes and can sometimes camouflage the inaccuracy of a drummer. Not on a recording though! Of course Awakening the World is no vacation to perform and I am totally exhausted when the concert is through. But also in this aspect the drums are intentionally arranged. I never go on full power for a very long time. There are energy-explosions but then there is often some more relaxed passes in the music where I can revive my power before the next explosion. Maybe this isn't obvious for the listeners since they often doesn't know what requires a lot of energy and what doesn't , again; Just because it sounds fast it doesn't mean it's hard. Besides the euphoria of playing Metal this pure provides you with the energy required to perform together with the audience's uplifting enthusiasm! It's important to play and arrange the music with your mind and not with your muscles. The muscles have limits - the mind doesn't.

What kind of drumkit have You? And, what kind of drumkit You would recommend to the amateur drummer on his way to the professional Metal business?

I currently play Mapex Orion Maple Series ( I shouldn't say this because they don't endorse me) but I will change brand in the near future when my endorsement-deals are finished. My recommendation for the amateur drummer is to rather get a used kit of better quality than pay huge amounts of money for a not so good new kit. The good quality and sound is most important to inspire and motivate you on your journey to professionalism. The correct tuning of the drums is really important to get your playing progress.

I won't ask You about your inspirations because You already included a big thanklist on the booklet, but I want to know something that You are not mentioning in the list... 2 things: firstly, about Your favourite comic books and secondly, what You think about the Japanese Animation.

I haven't really read any comic books since I was a kid. Back then it was Tintin, Asterix, Finn & Fifi, Donald Duck, Spiderman etc that dominated. I hardely know anything about Japanese Animation so I won't comment on it. I'll check it out though!

Is there any relation between the Lost Horizon introduction that is called Quickening and the Highlander film?

Yes there is. Between the end of the recording and the release of the album we had to change our name from Highlander, which has been our name since we started this band the first time in the early 90's, to Lost Horizon. Now Lost Horizon feels much better but we continued using the name Highlander because of personal and emotional associations. Therefore The Quickening was an obvious way of opening our debut album.

Would You like to record a film sound track someday? What kind of movie style?

YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Epic music for an epic movie! Of course the movie has to say something that appeals to us and goes along with our thoughts of the world but it's hard to be specific.

I have noticed about the Nasa link in Your web site. Why did You do that? What is Your personal opinion about the UFO phenomenom?

Space is something that amazes all of us in the band. Knowing that we're a part of everything that surrounds us even outside this planet and galaxy makes it natural for us to use a lot of space themes. I'm open to everything no matter how extreme and unbelievable it is as long as there's proof of it. Unfortunately there are no reliable proof of UFO's but I would love to storm Area 51 with a couple of million people and see what the fuck is going on in there and how much information about this there is that we never gets to know about due to the mind-oppressors that always hides the truth from the people. If you only knew how much we don't know...

This a weird question... but, in a very very very distant future, would You see the human race as ambassadors of the galaxy or we are like a conquest machine and a terrible virus of the universe?

Well hopefully in a very, very, very distant future the whole human race has evolved to much higher levels of intellect and than reached the spiritual level of existence where we knows right from wrong, cosmologically speaking. At this time we evolved to fast in the physical and material area and totally forgot to keep up mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Instead we're trying to build useless spacecrafts and weapons before we even finished exploring our own mind and planet. Let's fix this place first before we try to go anywhere else and ruin that place too.

Last but not least, give to the metalheads the some words and let them know the principal mission of Lost Horizon.

Firstly we want to provide the receptive ones with the purest of Metal and give the people and the music a kick in the right direction. That direction or horizon was lost a long time ago and we want to do our part in bringing back the Once Lost Horizon!

Thanks a lot for this conversation, Christian. It was a pleasure. Keep the same attitude on future albums and sharpen up Your steel.

You know We will!!!