Having never heard Epica before I was very very lustfully impressed. "Wow!" doesn't even begin to emphasize how quickly I fell for the transcendental vocals of Simone Simmons. An absolutely beautiful voice complimented by an absolutely beautiful body. Or is it the other way around? I guess it doesn't matter. The end result was slack-jawed drooling metal maniacs headbanging in epic glee.
Simone holding high the Sign of the Hammer. Obviously a Manowar fan. Hell yeah!     \m/
             Epica line-up

* Simone Simons (Vocals)
* Mark Jansen (Guitars, grunts & screams)
* Ad Sluijter (Guitars)
* Coen Janssen (Synths and piano)
* Yves Huts (Bass guitar)
Note: Originally I intended to write a more indepth review; however due to my life spinning out of control for so long I haven't had the time to write something that would do this band justice. If you think these pics are cool, wait'll you hear their music. \m/