An Interview with Dread Veil

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Joe Waller (guitar, vocals)


Chelsi Igel (keyboards)


Jason Hickman (vocals)


Charles Tune (bass)


Shawn Grim (drums)


The cover of the new EP.


The demo that came out prior to the EP and prior to the current line up.



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Dread Veil, based out of Rochester Minnesota, are one of the few all original metal bands making waves in the southern Minnesota area. This question and answer session was conducted through a not so occult portal of cyberspace called email. A review of their new EP Beyond Control will be posted on the Invading Forces page soon.

Legendary Kingdoms : For people who are unfamiliar with the band, tell us how the band formed.

Joe: The band formed in Washington in late 2003. It just began with me and a couple guys who wanted to play thrash metal. Our bass player Tim came up with the name Dread Veil. In 2006, Chelsi and I moved here to Rochester and this lineup began to take shape.

Chelsi: I joined the band sometime in the summer of 2005, at that time it was a 3 piece. I played bass until the summer of 2007 when I switched to keyboards.

LK: Tell us about the EP.

Joe: As we have a completely new lineup, I thought it would be fitting to begin our recording history together with the older Dread Veil music. Sort of the origin of the band, if you will. These songs date back as far as 2001-2002 when I first began working with metal music.

LK: When are you releasing an album?

Joe: With Shawn joining us on drums, we really want to get some recordings of the band out as soon as possible. We are going to record a few songs for promo purposes and then we'll see about a full length.

Shawn: With as much material as this band has, we will tighten things up and hopefully get to work. I see no reason not to record.

LK: Your songs (at least the ones I’ve heard) are what I would call melodic powerdoom, heavy enough to sink the titanic all over again, yet with an introspective edge sharp enough give the common terrorist cause to rethink his life. And so I was wondering if there are any plans to write a happy song?

Joe: If our world was to suddenly change and the politics of existence weren't selfish, corrupt and depraved I might find inspiration to write a happy song.

Jason: I don't think it's a question of happy or unhappy, but a question of reality. I think Joe writes songs that bring to light the reality that this world is in some trouble.

LK: A bit of premonition here. What is wrong with happy?

Jason: Happy is fine, if that's how you feel.

Joe: Nothing. But if you want to hear happy you can turn the radio to any station you like. If you want to hear reality... That's what we're here for.

Charles: For me there is nothing wrong with "happy music" its just our type of music allows me to get into it alot easier. I guess, in a way its "empowering".

Shawn: A happy song in an unhappy world? As americans, we have a fairly blind view of the world. Yes we have issues here too, but look at the rest of the world. The war torn regions of the world, genocide, famine, disease, poverty unmatched in North America. The reason for most of it is usually religion and politics. If these two subjects are a main influence, where do you put the happy songs?

LK: Where does your inspiration come from?

Joe: Lyrically, I would say religion and politics are by far the biggest inspiration. Both tools to manipulate the masses. Warrel Dane of Nevermore is a huge influence lyrically. Musically, just a bunch of diffent bands, but I would say that Immortal, Sentenced and Type O Negative are probably my biggest influences.

Charles: I'd say the biggest influence would be life, there are many things I would like to write songs about.

Jason: As a singer there are so many vocalists that have changed my life, and helped to evolve me into the vocalist I am, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, but I probably sing more like Alice Cooper, Chuck Billy, and Dave Mustaine.

LK: Favorite song to play live.

Joe: Embers Fade.

Charles: As Blood Lies On Snow.

Jason: Defiance.

Chelsi: October Falls.

LK: What band would you want to tour with?

Joe: Nevermore. Or maybe the side project of the guy from Vader called Unsun.

Charles: Evergrey.

Jason: Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Testament, too many to name, just going out on tour would be awesome.

Chelsi: Katatonia.

LK: If you caught somebody bootlegging your music, what would you do with (or to) them?

Joe: Tell them to make sure the artwork is decent.

Jason: I'd say you dirty pirate you. Right now getting the music heard is more important.

Charles: Spell and pronounce the band name correctly.

LK: Changing the subject a bit, how do mountains get on the ground?

Joe: Ask Chelsi. I'm sure she could write you a book on it...

Jason: I eeerrrr uhhh ask Chelsi.

Chelsi: This could happen many ways. Some possibilities include erosion by glaciers, wind, water, and/or freezing.

LK: Famous last words?

Joe: You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Charles: Either "later on" or "Truth doesn't need you to believe in it for it to exist".

Jason: My father told me something as a kid that has always stuck with me. He said "Always take pride in your work." Meaning no matter what you do, do it well.

Chelsi: It all comes down to your perception.

Below are a few pics of Dread Veil kickin' it up at the Albert Lea Inn Halloween 2008. More Halloween photos will be posted on the
Legendary Kingdoms MySpace page.

Dread Veil rock horror's favorite holiday back to Hell.

Charles wants you to spank his monkey.


Joe is a riff monster. No, he really is. I swear.


The Savage Pumpkinator materialized infront of the stage and proceeded to bash all pumpkin molesters. After headbanging to Dread Veil and taking a few pictures of course.

What you see isn't near as scary as what you don't.

Are Joe and Chelsi wearing masks or are the masks wearing them?

Chelsi happily creating a dark epic atmosphere.

Shawn wondering why one of his toms is giving him the evil eye. (My guess based on expressionomancy.)