Not Doro's latest release. I planned to buy one at the show but the CD and the DVD were both sold out. Damn!
German singer Doro Pesch was the first female to perform at the 1986 Castle Donnington MONSTERS OF ROCK, she has worked with Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Gene Simmons (Kiss), and Peter Steele (Type O Negative) among others. She has brought hope, inspiration and headbanging relief to legions of the metal starved with a voice that is at home amongst the angels as equally well as it is amongst the hardcore rocker elite. She is a rock goddess that none can deny. And so it is with great honor that I present the few photos I managed to snap at Station 4 in St. Paul MN, on Sunday, March 30th, 2008.
Doro - human dynamo incarnate. She was so intense it made it difficult to get good shots.
Left handed bassist Nick Douglas.
Johnny Dee used to be (still is?) in Britny Fox.
Doro's hair has a life of it's own and waves an independent hello to all the fans? Or is it just her brand of conditioner? Or am I just being stupid? You decide, I just like this one. It is very Warlockian.
Guitarist Joe Taylor. He was on the opposite side of the stage from where I was which made it hard to get good shots of him.
Above: I did not intend to take such a photo and I actually had an instense internal debate regarding whether or not I should post this photo. Well, it ended up manifesting as an external debate as my guarding angel and my guardian devil chose to both metaphysically and metaphorically pound each other over the issue as soon as it became obvious that insulting each other wasn't going to result in a decision. In fact they are still fighting over it so I decided to go ahead and post the photo in the meantime. However, I do want you to know that I really was just trying to get a good overall closeup; but I probably got bumped and ended up with what you see. In my opinion, this is what happy accidents are supposed to look like. Below: Johnny Dee once again.
The show was grrreaaat!!!!! The setlist going all the way back to her Warlock days as well as including excellent versions of Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" and Kiss' "Only You." Afterwards the band hung out for photos and autographs. Thanks Doro! Please come back again!
Before DORO took over the stage and our hearts and all of our senses as well as our very very metal minds, there were the few the proud the select the lucky the... oh damn, you fill in the blanks for once. I gotta get this review posted! ...and change my lame adjectives to better more fitting ones while you're at it. I don't care if you weren't at this show, you've probably seen these cool bands opening up for other national acts before so don't give me none of that. Anyway, here we go.
This band is COLD COLOURS but I think I've seen the guitarist on the far right play for Impaler before. Not sure what is going on and I don't have time to conjure up any conspiracy theories. Bottom line is: If you like metal you will almost certainly like these guys. I hope. Because if you don't then I am wrong and I don't like being wrong. By the way, the guy standing to the right of the girl who is standing next to the pole which is holding up the roof which is keeping the sky out which is rethinking it's existence is the famous Swordlord.
I think this guy's name is Brian but I don't remember for sure. All I have to do is walk 15 ft over to my stereo and grab one of the four COLD COLOUR CD's I bought at this show (because I was so impressed with their performance and music) to find out but I'm too lazy to do that right now. So if you are really desperate to know who he is just ask the Internet, I'm sure he knows. He knows everybody. Yeah, I'm too lazy to do that too.
Above: COLD COLOURS again. But this time I have to use a bigger font because I can't think of much to say other than, "They rock hard, they have a good sound, they are local and... ...just buy their CD's and listen for yourself dammit."
(and now you know)
SIRENS OF TITAN: Damn, Felicia's voice has soul and power and many other qualities I am at a loss to describe. Damn, the bass player is way better at bass than I am. Damn, I never got a good photo of the guitar player and damn, I am running out of ways to use 'damn' to help me describe the doom-rock/metal asthetic of this very original and talented group. Damn. Damn Damn.

To the left and to the right is SEVENTH CALLING or some of them (not all the pics turned out). Anyway, last time I saw them they had a different line-up. I have no idea what happened but I'm sure a conspiracy was involved. And if there wasn't, one can always make one up. Or make one down; sometimes they go down. I don't know why, but they do. By the way SEVENTH CALLING play a thrashy power metal that will rip your spleen out.
I'm exaggerating. Of course the music won't rip your spleen out but it might break your neck if your not paying attention.
That said, the only thing I have left to say is that I wish I had more to say, and say I would, had I more of it. Nuff said.

Two other bands opened for DORO. However, I missed the first band so I can't tell you anything about them. Not even sure how to spell their name so I'm not even going to try. The last band to play before DORO were Swedish rockers FATAL SMILE. They played some decent energetic hard rock. Nothing that was mind blowing as it was a bit on the unoriginal side but decent nevertheless. The pic to the right is the only pic I took that turned out. Sadly, my digital camera is just not cut out for those long shots.