Aesma Daeva

Originally scheduled to stimulate our metallic brainwaves before Kamelot and Epica, Aesma Daeva circumvented the schedule and drop-kicked October 2nd out of the time stream with their very original brand of wild symphonic metal at the end of the evening.

Previously I witnessed these symphomaniacs when they opened for Nightwish at the Quest. They either had a different lineup then or my brain was (or is) out of alignment. Or, quite possibly, I was (or am) on a parallel earth.

Feel free t to tell me how bad my photography skills are where everyone can read your comments.
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This webpage has been brought to you by a considerate quasi-mystical abstraction.

Current Line-up
(I think)

Drums - Tim Klatt Vocals - Lori Lewis
Guitar - Earl Root Lyricist - Michael Platzer Composition/guitar - John Prassas
Bass Guitar - Chris Quinn

From left to I'm optimystic I'll get this right: Jon, Lori, Tim (drums), Earl, and Chris.

Others involved with Aesma Daeva
(I copied this list off their Myspace page)

Carolyn Barber - French Horns
Kaylynn Brown - Trumpets
Adena Brumer - Vocals
Rebecca Cords - Vocals
N Copernicus - production, programming
Julia Ellison - Piano
Melissa Ferlaak - Vocals and Live performances
Theresa Hanley - Violin Live Performances
Danielle Lang - vocals
Francisco de la Rosa IV - violin
Mary Stilp - Violin
Chad Lewison - Electric Guitar
Craig Ohren - Live performances, Drums and Programming
Molly Poessehl - flute
Earl Root - guitar live performances
Eden Taylor - Bass and live performances
Andrea Vieth - flute
Sarah Williamson - vocals
James Wheat - trombone

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is really just an excuse, but it is an excuse I am going to exorcise. Because I need to fill up space and make it appear that I my web design skills are mediocre at the very least. Besides, whenever there is a pretty girl in the picture I usually ignore the rest of the band.
To your right: Guitarist Earl Root. He is also the host of the Root of all Evil radio show on KFAI Minneapolis/St.Paul 90.3 / 106.7. Archived shows can be downloaded at:
Aesma Daeva - New Athens CD cover.
I probably should have warned you that this entire page has been strategically designed to hypnotize you at a subliminal level to actually BUY cds of bands you are interested in. Play this webpage backwards at 33rpm and you'll see what I'm talking about.
The odds of this beautiful vocalist singing me screaming apocalyptic lullabyes to help me fall asleep probably involves infinity.
"Wait! What the hell is an Aesma Daeva?" Go to Wikipedia and find out!  \m/