Hail Schizoholicism! No, Jourdan didn't say that. I did - "Me, Myself and I."
Schizopathic collectively let their "Jeckyl"s loose at the Lab Thursday, May 11, 2006. Approved by rabid screaming, beer drinking itself and moshing "Schizoholic" Koala bears. I made the last one up.
Cole Cameron hitting objects of a circular and percussive nature. Your face could be next!
Once again I have a camera schism. No I actually did remember to bring film to this show, It just was for a different camera so yet again I was forced to purchase film last minute and unfortunately I was unable to buy 800 speed film, which is the film speed you want to use if you're taking pics at the Lab. I have used faster film there before, but I find 800spd turns out best. It also helps if you use a zoom lens. However, I was stuck with using 400 spd film in a non-zoom camera so the pictures are quite lacking in clarity and overall quality. That said, let's get on with this photoreview.
Garth Vader and Mike Liebenow under the influence of girl scout cookies? a good time.
Jourdan Schaffart with the "End of the Line" - or is there more mic cable after all?

Two bands preceded the fury of Schizopathic, but for the life of my psuedonymous existence I can't remember the names of either one. The first band, hailing from Farmington, played death metal. The 20 year old guitarist with glasses was awesome.

The second band fearsomely cooked electrifried psycho punk n roll with the proper dash of anarchy despite their singer being stuck in the jail system. Two of the three guitarists filled in on vocals.

While the first two bands were enjoyable, neither band were comparable to Schizopathic who hit the stage with the stage presence of seasoned pros despite the short time they've been together.

For a Thursday night, there was a decent turnout at Station 4 otherwise known as the Lab and formerly known as Ryans. The crowd was totally there for Schizopathic and when Jordan told everyone one to move up to the front - they did - tables and all.

Playing for almost an hour and a half Schizopathic left all the Schizoholics in attendance screaming for more Schizoholic anthems.

I had a great time at the show and it appeared everyone else did too. If you haven't seen them - check them out. Shirts and a four song demo are available.

Garth, Mike and Scott Bell on a "Psycho Trip."
From left to the other left: Garth - Mike - Cole - Jourdan.
In the event this review ends in Ace Warloch's abrupt departure from this realm - this website will not be updated until his next reincarnation.
Scott Bell