Jourdan Schaffart
Schizopathic throw riffrocks at the House of Rock in Eau Claire Wisconson Saturday June 24th 2006.
Scott Bell
Cole Cameron
The evening almost descended into a city wide catastrophe when Cole's snare drum head decided to decirclize itself two songs into the set. You probably didn't know this, but sometimes when snare heads blow out they mysteriously create black holes that are able to suck up as much as a twelve block radius before they disappear. Obviously this scenario did not take place. Thankfully.
Garth "Vader" Lee
And no, the possiblity just explained to you is not just another Ace Warloch 'cosmic catastrophe conspiracy theory'. It really could have happened! Theoretically, the snare drum god was appeased earlier and did not require another surprise black hole sacrifice. Lucky us.
As you can tell from the pictures, someone (possibly masked and wearing a cape or perhaps it was a drum god disguised as a normal person) came from out of nowhere with a snare for Cole to borrow and heroically saved the show. All hail the unknown one!
Mike Liebenow's bass, Nellie, picks an awkward moment to make her first telepathic communication explaining that she is pregnant with lochness bass babies.
Altogether it was another crazy schizoholic night. Yeah, a few songs got dropped due to downtime; but hey, those of us who were there could have gotten sucked into a black hole; eaten alive by the universe. Such are the risks some of us take in our metallic endeavors.   - Ace Warloch