Because I forgot to buy the 800-spd film I usually use for concerts, I was forced to purchase two rolls of 400-spd film for a $1 at a nearby dollar store leaving me wondering if any pictures would turn out at all. As you can see, some did.

Over all, the show was fantastic with two cool opening bands. Powermetallers Cellador were a big surprise. See pic right top.

I already forgot the other bands name but they were cool too.

If you didn't know, Sonata Artica are from Finland and play symphonic power metal. Imagine Yngwie Malmsteen mixed with Stratovarius and you should get the picture. Their new album is called Reckoning Night . It comes highly recommended.

I would also like to say that the Star Central is one of the coolest places to see a metal show.

Ultimate t hanks to Swordlord Productions and Seastorm Concerts for hosting this killer show. More please.

Cellador take the stage after Visa-whatever and rock the doors off. Imagine Judas Priest mixed with old Queensryche. The oldest member is only 23!
Artwork from the Silence album.
Sonata Artica guitarist Jani Limatainen and drummer Tommy Portimo.
Keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg with his midi controller. He played some normal looking keyboards too.
Bassist Marko Paasikoski
Sonata Artica singer Tonny Kakko.
Swordlord speaks of independently promoted shows and Clear Channel cower in fear.
Snow falling after the show. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night even though the passenger-side windshield wiper-blade on my jeep slid off and managed to get stuck in the door on the way home. It was a duct tape emergency and thankfully I had some. Never leave home without it I say.
At the autograph table after standing in a long line. My photogenic biorythms must have been out of whack. I have no other excuse but give me enough time and I'll come up with a long list.