Declarations by: CHRISTIAN NYQUIST, drums of LOST HORIZON
Band location: Sweden
Interview by: Valgorth | Date of publication: Feb 10, 2003

By the call of Thunder Christian! How are You! It is really good to be able to interview you again.

The same to you my friend! Sorry once again for taking longer than forever but finally here it is…

Since A Flame to the Ground Beneath many things have been happening into the Lost Horizon dimention. How do You see the evolution of the band so far? Are You satisfied about how things are marching?

It’s going in the right direction but of course it’s a lot of adjustments after Wojtek’s departure. A whole new way of working is being built up and it will be interesting to see and hear what will come out of it.

If I am not wrong the last gig was Gates Of Metal. You commented me this one was awesome and Your shoulder worked perfect, but for all those who hadn't the chance to be there tell a little bit about how the whole show was in general.

The Gates of Metal gig was one of the most joyful gigs in a long time. Unfortunately we sounded worse than ever and discovered that the songs are not made justice when performed with only one guitar. Therefore we got Hans Boström as a session guitarist until we find a new permanent member instead of Wojtek. We will never sound like that ever again live… that’s a promise!

As far as tours go, I was surprised that Lost Horizon didn't perform in Wacken last year. I have heard that LH is scheulded for the next year anyway.

I really don’t know what is the problem with the music industry today. Tours, festivals and gigs slips through our fingers like running water… it almost like censorship… It can be because of bad rumors or that we don’t have a proper management… I don’t know… in anyway it sucks astronomically! All we want is to come out and play… I haven’t heard this about Wacken next year but what do I know… I only play in the fucking band!! =)

Is there a special place where You would really like to tour right now?

Eastern Europe and Japan would be nice… and of course South America.

Talking about the albums, You could say the recording for A Flame to the Ground Beneath was harder than the one for Awakening the World.

The level of misery was lower than during Awakening… this time everyone was prepared for the huge work ahead which made it easier. During the making of A Flame… there was a lot of time pressure which led to compromising in the end.

By my perspective, A Flame is a work deeper in philosophy, ideology, music and closed to what Lost Horizon represents than the Awakening. I mean I see Awakening more "direct" in terms of messages but the 2nd one seems to be for the few.... What is Your opinion about it?

A Flame has more depth to it… on all levels. Awakening had remains of old lyrics and music, from the early 90’s some of it. A Flame was written during three months for the particular reason… One should hear that 12 years have passed don’t you think? It is a very small percent of our fans who really can relate and identify with our message and lyrics so you’re right… it’s for a chosen few… No McDonalds Metal for the Mob!

I see You expressed with much freedom on A Flame, Your style was even more complex and dynamic, more illustrative. Did You ever think to record a solo album with cosmic sounds and elements like that?

You might be surprised that most of the drum arrangements on A Flame was written by Wojtek along with the rest of the music… people must understand that Lost Horizon music is composed music. Every note is planned together with the rest of the arrangements. Wojtek learnt a lot about how to arrange the drums in the way both me and him prefer when we made the drums for Awakening. We developed a kind of language of how the drums should follow the music. It’s like a formula. Most of A Flame… was perfection from the start and I don’t see the point in fixing anything that isn’t broken. My only musical ambition now is to develop my composing skills to a higher level. Drumming is a pretty low priority for me nowadays. It’s more important to me to explore the music on a larger scale. I deal with the drums live… ;-)

Religion is the principal reason for the most famous wars in history. Do You think the world would be a better place to live without a dogmatic way of think?

O-F C-O-U-R-S-E!!! It is a complete mystery to me how people still haven’t seen through the purpose of religion; opression and mindcontrol. Read the fucking Old Testament, especially the fifth book of Moses. Scary shit! I wonder why the priests never quotes from these texts? Of course today there is still much more sophisticated methods of achieving this but still people falls for the oldest tricks. Of course one should not forget the terapeuthic aspect of it which is good but people should stop look at themselves as instruments of God, who is the engineer. Emagine what people could achieve if they where looking upon themselves as the engineers instead, which they really are. Why canalize it via God as some anonymous middelhand that might not exist anyway? Just wastes time and energy... besides he will probably punish you anyways... hehehe... he is a mean bastard. There are other things in cosmos that can fill that empty spiritual space and that revitalizes you instead of the punishment, submission and conformity which almost every religion and –ism is founded upon.

What is the thing You don’t tolerate or most hate from the human behaviour?

Acting without purpose – One should always know why acting, saying or doing something otherwise it’s without purpose and everything in the Universe that is without purpose will cease to exist... also humans.

Insecurity – Because it’s a effect of indoctrinations where humans for centuries have been taught to answer to a higher power and thusly doubt that they possesses the ability to act after own mind.

Conformity – In 90% of the cases when I discusses with the ”normality” I know already after two sentences what they want to say... no new thoughts or ideas... just repetition... Zzzzz

The contradiction of so called intelligence – It is often talked about that the intelligence of humans are what separates us from the other species of this planet. If this is a fact, why is that so called intelligence used uncompromised to self destruction on both the individual and collective level? I don’t know of any other species that shows this kind of behaviour. Perhaps human kind already had it chance and blew it. What we see today might be the initiation of some kind of biological self destruct mechanism that is working unconsciously in our collective mind to serve a purpose in the Universe’s evolution.

Can You remember any strange "déjà vu"-experiences - such as places that You already know, but You've never been there, or special moments that are just about to happen, but You feel as if You've seen them happen before - that let You think that You might have lived a life before this life?

I feel very open to the idea that we live several times. Everything in the universe goes in circles and spirals... EVERYTHING!!! Why wouldn’t life...? I sometimes have experiences beyond deja vu’s. I’ve stopped thinking that it’s only coincidence. Just a pity I have no control over these “abilities”.

What kind of atmosphere or surroundings do You prefer to find the spark of inspiration for your artistic ideas? Do you have a favourite place?

In darkness before I fall asleep my mind goes berserk… millions of ideas, musical, philosophical, visional… you name it! It’s like a vortex… If I’m lucky I remember it the next day… otherwise I know it’s in my mind somewhere… ready to come out when it’s ready for implementation. An idea is never lost even if you can’t remember it for the moment .It has just become a part of your mind’s paradigm

Please recommend some music to take a listen.

Ehhh… that’s almost impossible… In my mind the music of 60, 70 and 80’s is the only one that possesses any trace of soul and content. The last thirteen years has only been reproduction to satisfy the industry, with some exceptions of course but they are too few to even mention. I’ve stopped searching…

Transdimentional Revelation and Deliverance are perfect representations of good and mystic Cosmic Trance. Totally Lost Horizon ambientation!

Good to hear that you hear that... we have been accused of just filling the album out with useless synth effects... What they don’t know is that every soundeffect in that intro and outro is intentionally placed where they are... to illustrate our vision of what it symbolizes. It was mainly made with the liveperformances in mind but gives also the perfect frames which in A Flame is experienced...

Do You think Lost Horizon is producing a significant change into Metal since the first arrival back in 2001?

I hope so. That was one of our aims. To set a higher standard for ourselves and for the rest of the genre which we felt really was tumbling down to kindergarden level…

Ok man, as I commenting You before I have been receiving a couple of questions from followers which were sent to me via email for You. So let's start this, the best part of the interview:

Karl Hahn (Australia)
"For all the people reading this interview who are new to Lost Horizon, could you please tell us a little bit about the bands message, philosophy and lyrics?"

I have done this a little bit too many times now… please check out the website for this info… Shortly we wanted to from a band who had content, message and music that lived up to our personal beliefs and expectations… since no one else did ;)

Chris Ripper (Poland)
"Are you going to play some concerts in the eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)?"

Yes… we have a festival in Croatia the 26th of June and probably a huge festival in Hungary this summer…

Matthew Bowen (Australia)
"Hail to you, Christian!
Lost Horizon’s incredible drum sound is unique, both in musicianship and production. Can you please describe and explain your personal drumkit setup? (i.e. – Brand of drums, cymbals, skins and sticks, drum sizes, cymbal sizes, etc.) Do you use the same drums for live performances and studio work?"

Hail Matthew!
I play my good old Mapex Orion Maple Series; 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” toms 22” bassdrum. Vater sticks last longest. I play Remo Pinstripe heads. 15” Zildjian New Beat Hi-hat, 18” China and 10” A Splash, Paiste 20” Reflector Ride and Sabian Pro Stage Crashes 17 and 18”… I also trig my bassdrum both live and in rehearsal but I’m thinking of starting trigging the whole shit live…too get a good fat sound…

Kerstin Zimmer (Germany)
"Any ideas how to make the worldwide media care about LOST HORIZON more often? What about a video clip/DVD, or imagine a large-scale announcement of a fan competition in connection with your next live gigs by which one your talented fans could win a LOST HORIZON live show participation on stage for one live song together with LOST HORIZON, for example?"

Kerstin! Always great ideas! We should put you incharge of events like this. A video with the release of the next album and then a live dvd after the European tour (that we never get) is something we really want to do… but you know… no salesfigures… no cash from the label… the internet downloading can be deadly for upcoming bands like us…

Patrik Finnermark (Sweden)
"Will there be new makeup in the near future, or will you keep the warrior faces you have now?"

There might be some developments of our appearance… how it will change I cannot say for sure… not yet… not now…

Pornografic Protector (Spain)
"Has Daniel Heiman been involved and recored more material before Lost Horizon, Crystal eyes or Highland Glory?"

He sang in a band called Conviction when we stole him… hehehe… I think they have released a cd now with their new singer…

Dino Rude (Croatia)
"If there is some event in the history of mankind that you would like to change, which one would it be?"

The slaughter of 80 million native Americans… People who had understood things about nature and cosmos which the western world won’t learn in a thousand years… if ever…

Faramir (Croatia)
"Do you believe that the common people would ever accept the painful truth that all those MTV pop and NOT Metal crap is actually poisoning their children, even if they could see it clearly?"

As usual when it comes to humans, it won’t be realized until it’s too late and the whole fucking MTV-generation has been degenerated intellectually, morally and spiritually to a sublevel beyond repair. Left will be conformed, soulless whores that can carry our existence to dissolvment.

Gavin McDonald (Scotland)
"Hails from Scotland Christian!
You and Martin made relatively small songwriting contributions on the first two Lost Horizon albums. Do you see the two of you becoming the driving force behind future songs or will it be more of a team effort in order to forge even stronger steel?"

Since it’s hard for me to predict what the future holds my guess is that everybody will contribute with something. The only important thing is that the material is the best possible. This new different way to work for us will generate the best of us.

See next answer

Zdeslav Misurac (Croatia)
"I would like to know are they going to continue with the ideas which were carried out on the two last albums and since Wojtek was the main author of music and lyrics how will they divide his job among themselves. Would they now make music more as a team?"

I think everyone will contribute with their special ability. We all have qualities, we have all qualities and they’re all different qualities… It would be very strange if something extraordinary wouldn’t come out of it…

Kahl (France)
"Now that there's only one guitarist in the band, will the global sounding be different or still exactly the same ?"

Andrew Placona (United States)
"What is Lost Horizon's music going to sound like now in terms of instrument balance/focus?"

Anton Leirnes (Sweden)
"What will the sound be like on the next album?"

Renato Cassaro (Italy)
"Has the band started to work on some new material for next album?"

There will be two guitar players… for now Hans Boström is session player at live gigs but in the future a permanent member will be initiated. To sound exactly the same as before when Wojtek wrote most of the material is impossible but I think we all agree on how we think metal should sound and be displayed. We have actually entered the studio for some pre-production… We’re looking over the material we have and filtrates it and arranges it. Two of the album’s songs will be recorded the next coming month and then the rest of the album later this spring. These are composing times… as you might have noticed we don’t have that many gigs booked due to the high priority of writing and arranging the next Event of Might…

Vlado Zehnbauer (Croatia)
"You can see for yourself what's happening in the world every day. Do you think there can be any hope for mankind in the future?"

VERY good question!!! I don’t think this current form of world have any chance of survival. Eventually it will destroy itself. A massive disaster of some kind is inevitable. Only after all this has been destroyed something healthy can start to flourish. This we have today is rotten to the roots and no matter how much we try we can never create a transition from this to something good. It must be totally wiped out and rebuilt from the ground with no old thoughts at all. This is the problem. We must learn to think in a so different way so we can’t even understand today that that way of thinking is possible… am I getting complicated? Good! Start thinking ‘cause I need some help cracking this nut…

Thank You for taking the time to do this again man. The final words are Yours!

Thank you man… this is what I call an interview! Questions that forces you to reflect and display your deepest way of seeing things… Sharpen Up The Steel Valgorth!!! Third time now! If nothing happens after this release this world can fuck itself! I’m off to other planets to spread the Word!

Sharpen up the Steel!