Issues of Leather Knights fanzine for sale
When these are gone they are gone. There will be no future printings!

Updated 01-27-09

The Fourth Crusade: 48 pages w/ newsprint self cover. Interviews with: Iced Earth, Kamelot, Legend Maker, Virgin Steele, Gothic Knights, Sentinel Steel Records, Breaker, Michael Knight, and Cain's Alibi. Plenty of concert/album/demo/fanzine reviews, my resume, contact addresses, the Heavy Metal Pledge of Allegiance and even more. $3 U.S. , $4 world.

The Third Crusade: 32 pages with newsprint self-cover. Interviews with Nocturnal Rites, Seasons of the Wolf, Twisted Tower Dire, and Unatural. Concert/album/demo/fanzine reviews, including: Track by track interpretation of Blind Guardians "Nightfall In Middle Earth" album. Spotlight on Gravedigger's "Knights of the Cross" CD. Worlds Greatest Metalhead contest! And even more!!! Mail-order: $2 U.S. $4 world.

Ambush the World: A 16 page saddle stapled expanded newsletter in 'zine form. Contains an interview with melodic power metal sensation - Fiarro. Album/demo/'zine reviews with contact addresses. Cover art from France. $2 U.S. $4 world SOLD OUT

The Second Crusade: 50 pages, artwork from France, blood red cover, album/demo/zine reviews. Interviews with: Manowar, Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Machinery, Power's Court, Systems Rebourn, Twisted Tower Dire, Michael Lee Ostrander, Savior Servant, Witch Meadow and Tad Morose. Even more! Came out spring '98. $4 U.S. $6 world. 4 copies left! Reserve before ordering!

LK#1: I still have copies of this issue left, however the layout and writing are pretty bad compared to where I am at now. Side stapled on bond paper.Interview with Witch Meadow and the usual reviews etc… NOT AVAILABLE!

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